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Suechan's Hypno Links!

  • EMCSA - the Erotic Mind Control Story Archive

  • Voyer for original art and loads of links

  • MC Forum where you can speak your mind, meet people or gather inspiration

  • Hypnopics Collective for manip galleries, art galleries, story archives and discussion forums

  • MC Garden looks to be another forum type site where you can meet, greet and interact.

  • The Genie Harem - for all your Genie/Harem needs!

  • EMC Podcast - Podcast to learn all there is to know about Hypnosis and the fetish. Psychology of, tips for bedroom fun, and even the occasional trance example. Lady Ruetha Dreamhealer has a lovely speaking voice as well! Take a listen!

  • Hypnosis Downloads - These are something I actually use myself. Very affordable and very versatile sessions. They even offer discounts for buying "in bulk". Less fetish, more real life application.

  • HypnoVideo - Keep an eye out for the latest Poser-rendered comics!

  • L'hypnose érotique - A French site for those who speak French (or are learning French and would like to use the Hypno Fetish as an excuse to brush up on the language)

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