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Suechan's Guest Artists!

I'm clearly not the only Hypno artist out there!
Here's proof (and some of the gift pictures they've made for/traded with me)
If you are also an artist or have written a story about one of my pictures, let me know and I'll add your site to this gallery! Talents should be shared!

Sleepy Maid's hypno gallery
Malroth *NEW LINK*
Lola Bunny
Rotem from Israel
His Deviant Art gallery
And he's completed his first comic! Nice Work!!!
Rouselle from Hypnovideo
Click HERE and HERE
for comics he used my characters in!
Karma & Vic

Here are some of Karma's latest:
Karmy-chan (who is actually a boy! ^_^)
Quadra the kittygirl
Ed the King
Check out his "Twisted Hypno Theater"
Jay Petto
So very talented, sweet, and open to new and naughty ideas! His fairy Melanie is so cute, too ^_^
Kit Yun
2nd drawing: She Hulk
Can you see what he manipped?
CrazyCow Productions
So far, most of his gallery focuses on other fetishes, but he said he's on his way to making more hypno art. Thanks for writing!
Michael (aka Broken Teapot)
Not all of his hypno art is uploaded to his gallery, but he does draw some!
Miss Tori
Diego Motta
Ignacio Fusilier

Here are some other talented folks in the Hypno Community!
Musicians, Animators, Writers, Manippers... you name it!

Robert Whitehead
Here's his latest song: "Heal Me"
Hilt the comic book - NEW! (not-hypno)
Follow Me by Olcas

Part 2
Eyes of the Dow by Amanda Levres
Dragon Pets Story by Amanda Levres
Victorian Hypno Story by Amanda Levres
Barbie Midge story by Ogawa
Phone Call story by Kim
Police Story by Ogawa