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Suechan's Hypno Comics*!

*I don't draw comics anymore, but here is the spot for the ones I previously made. I've given up on them because drawing comics is really difficult and frustrating for me. I hate coming up with dialogue, trying to arrange the boxes on the page, trying to fit the words with the pictures AND trying to color or shade everything. One page holds at least 4 pictures, so that's 4 times the amount of work I'm used to and 1/4 as big space to work in for each picture. Frankly, it's just more stress than I can handle. Sorry!

All artwork here has been originally drawn and is (c) Copyrighted by Suechan. However, many of the artwork has been commissioned and posted with permission or inspired by artists on the Erotic Mind Control Story Archive. Please feel free to use it privately, save it, print it, etc., just don't do so without giving me (or the original story writer) credit for it! Thanks! . . . - Suechan

Jubutsu Gakuen - an on-going story written by the members of the Hypno Bishie group. Here's the first installment, written by Rowan Bristol
Here are the first two pictures to inspire it:
Page One - See who you can regognize from the community?
Page Two - Suechan no BAKA!

The Diamond Thief
Lady Scouts
House Hunting
Birthday Flowers
Psychology Studies
Voo Doo Barbies
At the Hypnotherapist's office
Past Life studies
"13" - Posted with permission (pages 1-6)
Mahou Tsukai Tai
One of my first Hypno Comics
Thundercats Commissioned & Posted with Permission
Hypno Office
Urusei Yatsura
Teacher's Hypno belt Commissioned & Posted with Permission
Photo shoot
The pied piper
The Survey Commissioned & Posted with Permission
Psych Project
After the prom
Morrigan's Mansion Commissioned & Posted with Permission
Hypno Ray Gun - don't we all want one of these?
Don't let THIS happen to you!

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