Frequently Asked/Anticipated Questions

I have been asked a few of these questions in the past, and I have a feeling that others think them but are too afraid/embarrassed to ask, so I set this up to help all of you out there understand a little better what this is all about.

What's with the Hypno stuff?
Mind Control is unethical!
What's with all the girl-on-girl stuff? Are you gay?
Why don't you draw comics anymore?

What's with the Hypno stuff?

  • Wikipedia definition of hypnofetishism - it's common enough to have a definition, and they put it in more educated terms than I ever could.

    The overall subject should be labelled "Mind control", but hypnosis seems to be the most commonly accepted term. I'm aware that you can't make a person do anything under a trance that they wouldn't do while conscious.
    However, as a fantasy, it's pretty nice to think about the idea of controlling someone's will to make them want what you want, or say what you tell them to. You could make them a doll or a love slave or even make them fall in love. There are so many instances in life where we can't make things happen the way we want, so as a fantasy, mind control is a nice relief from that.

    Mind Control is unethical!
    Ok, first off that isn't a question.
    But to answer the sentiment, Yes - actual mind control is unethical! They try it in advertising (subliminal messages are illegal in public advertising) and I'm convinced that the US government uses it on a constant basis. It's not fair to make someone do something or believe something especially when they're not aware of being forced into it or even aware of what they've done.
    This site, these stories and the entire genre are all based entirely on FANTASY, so there is no intention of harm or indecency. The spells, hypnotism and mind control in these fantasies are based on trust or brought about by frustrations. Trusting the person putting you under, or being trustd by the person under your control. Frustration about the things you can't have or don't go right in your life (that girls you want to date, that job you'd like to have, that bully to leave you alone, etc.). They are just fantasies and are not meant to be anything more.... not that any of this stuff portrayed here is even POSSIBLE anyway...

    What's with the girl-on-girl stuff? Are you gay?
    No, I'm not gay. I'm bisexual - and happily married to the man of my dreams. I think girls are beautiful and sexy! It's nice to see and think about girls together - romantically, in a harem or however. Many men enjoy that as well, so why not me?

    Why don't you draw comics anymore?
    I've given up on them because drawing comics is really difficult and far from enjoyable for me. I hate coming up with dialogue, trying to arrange the boxes on the page, trying to fit the words with the pictures AND trying to color or shade everything. One page holds at least 4 pictures, so that's 4 times the amount of work I'm used to. Frankly, it's just more stress than I can handle. Sorry!

    Well, hopefully that answered some of your questions and concerns. If you have any other questions you'd like to ask me, please feel free to
    email me at and I'll answer as best as I can.
    If you're curious about commissions, please see my Commission FAQ page.

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