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2008-2009 SKETCH-FEST

It's what I've been doing here and there when inspiration has struck all this time. Thanks so much, everyone for being so supportive and encouraging and patient!!

furry yuri
nekkid chicks **ADULT-ISH**
luke & dorian
almost a kiss
girl dragons require offerings too
kid kurumi & bunny
lucky & neko (facebook pet society)
johnny test's sisters
scarlett/snakeeyes kiss
for varcel
moo moo
i can see my house from here
remember first season Star Trek TNG skant uniforms? PHOTO REFERENCE
i <3 cheerleaders
jessica rabbit...er..dragon
rpg party
old one from a boring meeting at yellowbook in 2007

And some FINISHED drawings too!
poison ivy centaur
for my friend michelle
And some mood-icons for my friend KittyH

September, 2008

Yeah. September.
My muse must have run off to become a hobo.

But I have managed to work on this project that has been years in the making!
Welcome to the world of Gothberry Shortcake
and her friends Raverberry Muffin and Slackerberry Pie!

July. August, 2008


June, 2008

Yay! A new job! took the whole month to get the hang of it... very mentally exhausting... therefore, still no inspiration...
Daisy (for Vic F)
Crystal my furry from when I was 9 years old
Orange is not a ninja color
Marvel Characters (My mutant character Despoiler being flirted with by an office-jockey of Shield)

May, 2008

Jobless, inspirationless
Monarch Henchwoman
Spaceballs the Fan Art
MaryJane the bong genie
Hand art yay for designs and hand tracing!
Palmistry Mehendi

April, 2008

CaramellDansen (and more and more) all stemming from THIS
Mekania & Friends
(honestly, I don't have much else...inspiration crashed this month and then I got laid off...)

March, 2008

Heroes MMORPG charaters
True Reflections
Sexy Elf Chick
Shadowcat + Jean Grey + Rogue
Velvet from the comic by Kirk Chritten & Mark Runyan
More Velvet fan art
Maya is in your computers stealin' your folderz
Kitty & Jeffy chess (for contrast from Suechan & Dragon chess)

February, 2008

RPG character commission
Swings are really romantic
Ophelia - a different drow with that name! (C) Cyroth
Maya casts no shadow (c) Ewen
Becoming: circle members

January, 2008

California Vampires in 1918
Robots Unite
Scarlet & the Baroness
Meri's Present
Videogame commission
Christmas lovely

December, 2007

Queen Bee
Coleson & Ophelia
Artistic Nudity
Kitsune teatime
Mekania Mashin New Year
Anime girl - a Christmas present
Tropical imagination
GI Joe - potential cosplay concepts

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