Suechan's Art Commissions

I am not currently accepting commissions

2020 was a great opportunity for me to get back into taking art commissions again. Everyone was so welcoming and enthusiastic, I went a little overboard and ended up drawing about 130 pictures in one year (including a children's book I was hired to illustrate) and I kinda burned myself out.

Unfortunately, with a combination of mental health issues and the stress of the pandemic, I don't know when I'll be able to recover from this burnout or how long it will take. I wish I had better news, but my well being has to come first.

It was nice to be back and I felt very welcome by everyone's support and encouragement! Thank you soooo much!

Ways to Contact Me:
+ FB Messenger: Susan Goodwin Mewhiney
+ Discord: zaionczyk#8401
+ Email:
+ DeviantArt: zaionczyk

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